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Trogoderma granarium Ev.
Khapra Beetle


The oval beetles are dark brown, have smudgy yellowish-brown and reddish-brown transverse stripes on the wing covers and are covered with fine hairs. The male is about 2 mm long, the female, up to 3 mm long. The yellowish-brown, spindle-shaped larvae grow to a length of up to 5 mm; they have thick, reddish-brown hairs, characteristic bunches of tail hairs growing at the rear end. Pupation takes place in the last larval skin which is split open along the back.

Life History:

A female deposits up to 125 eggs, these being placed singly in the infested goods. The larvae can withstand unfavorable conditions such as lack of nutrition and low temperatures for long periods. The entire development period is 30 days at 90° F., and a number of years under unfavorable conditions.


Originated in India, but has been introduced into several countries of the tropical, subtropical and temperate zones.


The larva is a very serious stored product pest; the beetle itself does no damage. It is found in warehouses, silos, mills, breweries, malt factories. It attacks all types of grain, malt cereal products, pulses, oilseed cake, groundnuts, fish meal, etc. Grain kernels are often hollowed out until only the husk remains. The edges of jute sacks are often found to be thickly populated with larvae in infested stores.

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