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Niptus hololeucus (Fald.)
Golden Spider Beetle


A 3-4.5 mm long beetle, of spherical shape. The thick, flat-lying golden yellow hairs give the beetle a brassy shimmer; the neck shield is sharply waisted at the abdomen. The larva is whitish with a light brown head; the tip of the abdoment bears thick hairs which are sparse elsewhere; grub-like, up to 7 mm long.

Life History:

The female deposits 20-40 eggs singly. After shedding 3-4 skins, the larva pupates in a cocoon. Entire development period 4-6 months; usually only one or two generations per year in warm storages. The beetle is relatively resistant to cold. Usually develops in cracks and cavities in damp and undisturbed storages, and migrates to adjacent areas, etc., particularly when mass reproduction occurs.


Europe, Asia, America


The larvae show a preference for cereal wastes and other vegetable substances in hidden corners. Migrating beetles can cause considerable damage by eating holes in all types of textiles, furs, skins, etc. (omnivorous) in accommodation and stores.

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