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Ptinus tectus Boield.
Australian Spider Beetle


An oval beetle of 2.5-4 mm length, sharply waisted between neck shield and abdomen; dark brown, with flat-lying yellowish-brown hairs; the wing covers have fine lines of dots and no patches. The larvae are yellowish-white, grub-like, have a brown head and sparse hair growth, and grow to 5-7 mm length.

Life History:

After shedding 3 skins, the larva pupates, usually in a self-spun cocoon. One can expect 2 or 3 generations per year, depending upon whether rooms are unheated or heated. The pest survives the winter in all stages of development.


Originally only found in Australia, now practically world-wide.


The beetles and larvae are omnivorous and attack grain and grain products, pulses, rice, dried fruit, cocoa, spices, herbs, hervs and animal products such as fish meal and casein.

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