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Lasioderma serricorne (F.)
Cigarette Beetle


A 2-4 mm long squat beetle, almost hemispherical, reddish-brown and covered with fine hairs; the head is hidden under the domed neck shield; the wing covers have no markings. The antennae are saw-like; the segments are practically identical. The larva is very hairy and grows to a length of up to 4 mm.

Life History:

The female deposits 20-100 eggs singly on the infested goods over a number of days (at temperatures of over 68° F.). After about 7 days, the very mobile larvae emerge; as they grow older, they become less mobile and pupate in a cocoon of food or waste particles after about 6-10 weeks. 5-14 days later, the beetle emerges. The total development period is 8-13 weeks. The adults are strong flyers and are active in subdued light at temperatures above 65° F.


World-wide. They are frequently carried from warmer areas to temperate zones, where they can only survive in warm storages.


Attacks not only leaf and processed tobacco but also a large number of other dry vegetable products such as herbs, oilseed cake, rice, cocoa, groundnuts, figs, dates, paprika, etc. Practically all damage is done by the larvae.

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