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Plodia interpunctella (Hübn.)
Indian-meal Moth


The moth has a wing expanse o0f 14-20 mm. When at rest with closed wings, it is 8-10 mm long. The outer halves of the forewings are bronzy; the inner halves light grey to ochre yellow. The caterpillars are yellowish-white, sometimes reddish or greenish, with a brown head; they grow to a length of 17mm.

Life History:

The female deposits between 60 and 300 eggs, singly or in groups, on suitable nutrients. The grown caterpillars are active spinners; before pupation, they leave their food sources and climb up walls. Pupation occurs in a cocoon. The climates it can be completed in 3-4 weeks.




In warehouses, silos, mills, food processing plants and households, a large number of dry vegetable materials are infested; for example dried fruit, in particular figs, groundnuts, cocoa beans, marchpane, various seeds, herbs, etc; more seldom: grain and grain products, whereby only the germs are eaten.

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